TAMKO Offers the EverClip™ Hidden Fastener

TAMKO Building Products – one of the largest privately-owned EverClipmanufacturers of residential and low-sloping roofing products, decking and railing products, waterproofing and cements and coatings in the country –now offers the EverClip hidden fastener for its EverGrain and EverGrain Envision grooved composite deck boards. The EverClip hidden fastener is another fastening option to install TAMKO’s Evergrain products.

TAMKO’s EverClip hidden fastener features a serrated-edged stainless steel plate and the screw and clip come pre-assembled. The vertical 90-degree installation of the clip allows two board edges to be installed together and single boards can be removed when necessary.

EverClip from TAMKO Building Products is available in two package options. The first option is a 900 count bucket which covers approximately 500 square feet. The second option is a 90 count box that covers about 50 square feet. With the purchase of the EverClip hidden fastener, you will also receive a 20-year limited warranty against corrosion. See the entire limited warranty at tamko.com for complete details and restrictions.

How to Install the EverClip Hidden Fasteners

Follow these 5 simple steps to install the EverClip hidden fasteners:

  1. Start by securing the clip outside the starter board.
  2. Hold the clip in place and partially drive the screw into the joist.
  3. Repeat step two on all the joists until each clip has been partially driven in.
  4. Slide the next board against the clips and allow provision for ¼” spacing between the boards.
  5. Firmly fasten the clips into place by completely driving in each screw.

To see the complete installation instructions and to learn more about TAMKO’s EverClip hidden fasteners, its limited warranty and other great TAMKO products, visit www.Tamko.com.

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