TAMKO Invests in Innovative Technology



TAMKO Building Products, Inc. has invested heavily in the technology and innovation to stay at the forefront of the industry. By integrating new technologies into the company’s operations, TAMKO has been able to boost efficiency and profits, while producing quality products for its customers.

Here are some of the innovations TAMKO has implemented throughout the years:

Conversion to Glass Mat

During the time that Jay Humphreys was president of TAMKO, the market share of fiberglass mat began to grow. When it made up just 30 percent of the market share, Jay decided to covert TAMKO’s operations to produce fiberglass mat. A small fiberglass mat mill was built at TAMKO’s Tuscaloosa, Alabama plant in 1972. Another, larger one was established at the Rangeline-Joplin, Missouri plant in 1982. Roofing manufacturers that didn’t switch to fiberglass mat went out of business. By the early 1980s, 70 roofing companies had closed their doors.

Office Automation

In the 1970s, before digitizing documents was the norm, Jay acknowledged the need to minimize paperwork and developed a system of scanning files to microfilm. In the mid-1980s, the company automated its payroll, freight tracking, and customer ordering processes. Several of the computer systems formed at this time were very advanced and were still used until the mid-2000s.


When he took the reins of TAMKO, David Humphreys continued to automate TAMKO’s processes. He upgraded TAMKO’s plants with machines and technology and further improved efficiency by introducing a method call anti-tampering.  Anti-tampering involved removing variables in operations. Some of the advancements implemented under David’s leadership include “Dolly and Jake” automated, guided vehicles used as forklifts at the Ennis, Texas plant, and “Tamra”, a state-of-the-art stacking robot used on the Tam-Rail composite railing line at the Lamar, Missouri facility.

Heritage® Shingles

TAMKO was the first company in the roofing industry to develop a line of specialty shingles based on the colors found in nature. The Heritage® shingles line combined the natural beauty of wood or slate with the strength and durability of asphalt shingles. TAMKO added unique cuts and granule shadowing to enhance the natural colors.

To learn more about TAMKO Building Products, Inc. visit www.tamko.com.

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